Pressure Washing

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Here at JP’S Mobile Car Wash we love cars and think your automobile should look the best it can. That is why we offer an auto detailing service to maintain your vehicle’s lustrous look. Our automotive detailing goes beyond simply washing and cleaning in the interior of your car. We strive to make sure your car looks as good as new. Our car detailing assistance even caters to trailers and big rigs for those clients who are looking for this specialized service. No job is too big for us.

If you love how well we wash cars, then you will love our pressure washing service. Our pressurized hose cleaner will clean the stubborn dirt and grime off of the exterior of your car. Pressure washing is an effective way to clean exterior of houses, but is also effective for car washing as well. Our mobile car wash uses the best methods to make your car sparkle.

If you are interested in learning more about our auto cleaning and power washing service, call JP’S Mobile Car Wash, Miami, FL today! We cannot wait to assist you with the best car detailing and exterior washing service.